FALL 2015

Is nothing sacred?

Couture silhouettes turn defiant for Fall 2015, giving structured, classic forms a fierce fix in the remix: pierce, twist, slash, shred, smolder. This season, fashion wields the body like a narrow and swift stiletto that strikes from above.

Everything slips like a second skin. Fabrications mimic leather and suede, sometimes paired with the real thing, accented with reptile-texture and mesh metal that fuses the post-industrial with the Byzantine.

The palette: a ransom of reflective gem-tones ignited by a setting moon. Tensile stretch and fiber memory lend needed snap to autumn's deconstructed, sheath-like gowns, trousers, dresses and coats.

Audacious hardware endows the season's boots, belts and handbags with the power of amulets and talismans.

Makeup creates drama, mystery and a sense of anarchy with optic effects and highlighters that gleam like swords. Eyes are widened for night-hunting, answered by dark, defined lips.

Skin is moist, glowing, but sans the schoolgirl charm of blushed cheeks. Hair commands attention with pixilated color and concise geometry, liberated from Nature's limits by shape-shifting technologies.

Nails capture the Fall narrative with blackened pigments and heraldic ornaments. Enhanced almonds deepen royal purple and oxidize regal red with smoked pearl and steel finishes. A short, softened square basks in bronze, molten brass and oxblood imprints.

Burnished wings beat and rise against a mercury sky.