Up from the depth of the sea rises a magical Indian Goddess, traveling through the water with velocity, toward the surface light of the sun. Along the way, she gathers the shimmery riches of the sea, treasures from this mysterious magical place. This is our inspiration, as only Johnson Hartig could imagine!

The nails were shining, glittering, glimmering, golden treasures designed in abstract patterns and 3D effects for an elegant accent to a sophisticated yet uber cool, highly constructed fall collection.

Rich black matte texture brought balance to the nail collection for the perfect backdrop, just as a black velvet box does for priceless jewels.

The nail designs included:
• Dramatic and large scale 'Shark Teeth' which became finger armor extending up to the second knuckle and mounted on a base nail in gold glitter buried in CND® SHELLAC® brand Top Coat. The shark tooth was crafted from black powder and Retention+™ sculpting liquid, and then adorned with gold plates and 24K gold leaf - created by CND Education Ambassador Mette Steenberg from Denmark

• 'Shark Bite' nails dripped with shiny gold BRISA® Gel droplets mounted on a triangular Liquid & Powder base - created by "Nail'd It" Finalist and Artist in Residence Lauren Wireman

• Buried treasure nails created movement with long shimmery gold chain, linked together and weighted with drop gold bead anchors - created by 2014 CND Education Ambassador of the Year and Art Director for the show, Heather Davis

• Ship wreck nails featured shimmering paillettes that refracted the colors of the deep blue sea - created by "Nail'd It" Finalist and Artist in Residence Lauren Wireman

• Golden nails flocked with black velvet and accented with a golden pearl were created by special guest artist and winner of NAILS Next Top Nail Artist, Lavette Cephus!! ... and more.

Each model wore a mix of the nail designs, creating a cool, rich, confident statement, complementing the trademark Libertine downtown styling and beautiful architecture.

The nails flowed down the runway like molten gold with mesmerizing movement and blinding shine!!