A street-wise maverick spirit of mischief ricochets across rebellious looks for Spring, 2016, a massive shakedown on the empire of what has gone before. It's a remastered remix of the classics. Set off Spring 2016 by channeling your inner hot child in the city, whenever you're ready to flee the cube-farm and chill out on the rooftop, maybe even head for the helipad for a whirlybird pick-me-up.

So skip the wispy.

Witness the hard, hot gorgeous of parking-lot florals with shockwaves of brilliant mauve, fuchsia and magenta tones. Feel the suddenly OMG shock of bougainvillea blooming over a twisted hurricane fence in the asphalt heart of Los Angeles. A bit of wild-style nature that defies the concrete and steel to bring a rush of unrestrained color to the meanest streets. When sunshine says it's time to pop the top, your hands on the steering wheel have never made more of a Spring style statement. In a word, your look is concrete, as in solid to the urban center.

Synthetic greens the color of Benjamins square off with the scorch of shocking pinks for an original outlook on torn-down town funkitude.

Express yourself with a lab-grown turquoise teal, awesomely aquatic when infused with silver glitters, pink shimmers, white polka-dots, or dusting of blue and violet glaze to blaze radioactive smog over the metro skyline.

There's a sense of the 60s and 70s here: think Ralph Bakshi's mind-blowing animation in his landmark animated feature, "Heavy Traffic." The spring nail is anything but precious. So get off the grid and leave your mark with a slightly squared, active length and scribbly graffiti graphics.

Spring update: The outlaw soul is how you roll -- crazy-passionate and right on time from the jump.