Egyptology served as inspiration for the Blonds S/S 2016 runway show, where the riches of a beautiful life – including a luxurious afterlife – were brought to the highest standards of refinement. Nail sculpting is trending up again, which motivated experimental uses of both Liquid & Powder and Gel to develop new ideas for silhouette, shape, finish and texture for nail design. The most magnificent looks included a golden set of hand crafted wings that literally glided down the runway; handmade

semi-precious and precious gem stones of topaz, turquoise, emerald, jet and aurum that would have fooled even the GIA; sculpted, painted and adorned sarcophagus nails that opened to a mummified Philippe, complete with gems in the eyes and even a peek of platinum blond hair; and hand-sculpted scarab beetles that encapsulated a wealth of multifaceted crystals that glimmered when the hinged wings opened and closed. There were also plenty of wearable sets that were dressed and decked

for the finest occasion, including an art deco matte and shiny black and gold design; copper chrome snake print; flocked black crocodile and gold rimmed iridescent fine crystal nails. 24 total looks and 600 hours later, the magic of invention will resonate forever…maybe even into the afterlife ;-)