Nature's retreat.

Untouched meadows, nature's retreat, sigh with tranquility. Moments of reflection take over as wildflowers sway in the soft morning breeze. The serene setting heightens her sensitivity to the perfection of nature.

Blooming watercolor pastels and glistening landscapes

inspire this season's approach to color and style.

Fabrics are sun-bleached tones and soft hues - light and breezy in subtle patterns.

Accessories maintain the natural quality of the materials in woodgrain and stone patterns.

Makeup is natural and fresh faced with powdery skin in soft shades of apricot and peach with a possible hint of freckles peeking through.

Lips are dewy and shimmery;

eyes are softly highlighted with pastel tones.

Hair is long, falling in textured waves or a soft straight look.

Nails are easy and softly squared - as wearable and simple as a barefoot stroll through the grass. Finishes play with matte and shiny effects just as the sun plays on a pond or a hummingbird's wings.

She pulls on her floppy hat, out for a stroll. She is relaxed, open - a natural part of her perfect surroundings.