Opening Ceremony:
Spring 2015

Tranquility. Peace. Unplugged. Serene.

The water inspired collection reflects a simpler moment in time connecting with nature. A walk barefoot in the meadow, a swim in the pond and simple conversation with good friends sets the stage for the story.NYC Fashion Week 2014 has ended, but the magical impression left still resonates brightly.

The Opening Ceremony show was set at the NYC Metropolitan Opera House with a play written for the designers by Spike Jonze and Jonah Hill. It explored the making of a fashion collection and the making of a fashion career with an intense clash between aspiration and reality of this sometimes-challenging business.

The 'pixelated water color manicure' brought the inspiration behind the fabric and color story forward to a new wearable and creative way to wear nails this spring. Using wet layers of the VINYLUX spring color palette together with drops of acetone revealed a modeling effect in shades of grassy greens, coral/pinks and black with taupey pinks. Length was chic and just beyond the fingertip and shape is softly squared.

The result was easy, dreamy and gorgeous.