Spring | Summer 2017



The LIBERTINE Spring /Summer collection will take you straight into the reckless heart of anarchy. It looks and feels chic as hell, true to the always-gorgeous, always slightly dangerous vision of Johnson Hartig, creator of the LIBERTINE brand.

Our nails became a PUNK COLLAGE that included favorite looks like the “Flock and Chain” where shocking hot-pink poms-poms bounced along regal blue sapphires swinging with long 24 karat gold chains. We call it the Split Style Manicure, where the right hand doesn’t match the left. CND artists took over 300 combined hours to create the 20+ nail styles chosen to complete the vision behind this season’s 70s- 80s flavored collection.

Jan Arnold
Co-Founder/Style Director
Jewel encrusted nails created with Brisa Gel >>

Punk rock circa 1970 gets the royal treatment from LIBERTINE, where the twisted brilliance of Hartig Johnson goes from fluffy as puppy dogs—Pocket and Terence are the designer’s two beloved rescue pooches—to the jagged edge.

Our Split Style Manicure is chic as hell, where one hand is styled sleek for speed, the other is all tarted up with a magpie’s nest of tassels, beads, jewels, and even a freshly plucked marijuana leaf for the collection Johnson called “Cannabis Queen.” Naughty, naughty bird.

Sculpted dogs created with Retention+ >>
Hand painted portraits created with Vinylux >>

London calling. Anticipating holidays in the sun, these nails are for the retro- futurist who’s part she-wolf, all outlier. She likes her hair lived-in and her cat’s eye swoop extreme.

Bold color created with CND Shellac >>
DESIGN LAB The CND Design Lab is proof that we are already in outer space. We’re on the third rock from the sun, literally whirling through stardust and dark matter. Who needs fantasy or scifi? Our team know how to bring it large every time. We love to push the performance limits of what our products can do, and where our imaginations can go. The results are always surprising, and sometimes the very medium itself, whether classic CND L+P, CND Shellac or other enhancements, not to mention feathers, gems, hardware and found art—has a mind of its own. We talk, we sketch, we brainstorm, but sometimes the nail invents itself.

Spring and Summer trends take on a surreal twist as the new collection from ALICE + OLIVIA by STACEY BENDET leads us through a garden of feminine mysteries. But this adventure begins when two young girls blow the dust off a stack of 18th century Tarot cards they find in a vintage bookstore. The cards speak, as they always do, and we find ourselves swirling above Rome, prowling among sculptures that come to life, led by paths of strewn flower-petals into huge birdcages. This look captures the continental glam (think bared, dewy skin and glossy oversized sunglasses) of the Fellini era of “La Dolce Vita.”

Our nails flow with the flora and fauna, capturing the ripple of a palm frond, and the spray of water droplets from the Eternal City’s many fountains. These nails are sleek and simple, but oh-so-sexy and very romantic. Perfect for cocktails, dining and dancing just a few steps from the bathwater-warm surf as Summer 2017 unfolds under the stars.

Hand painted portraits created with Vinylux >>
Tarot cards have been used for centuries to predict the future. In the romantic and whimsical Spring Summer collection from Alice + Olivia by Stacey Bendet, an antique Tarot deck transports us to a 16th century garden in Rome. In this gleaming, surreal setting, fantastical creatures inspire a wardrobe of feminine looks defined by sunglasses, Italian-style—oversized frames in black and confetti pastels. Soft nudes, tender pinks and fleshtones make the look sweet but sensuous. Beneath the doll-like innocence, sense the primal energy of nature—earth’s heartbeat—in the form of leaves and vines. We created garden-fresh nails called “Crown of Palms” and “Palm French” to capture this.

1. Apply a thin layer of CND® SHELLAC® Original Top Coat and cure for one minute. Wipe with 99% Isopropyl Alcohol to remove top film.

2. Mix a tiny drop of CND® VINYLUX® Shells In The Sand with RIDGEFX™ Nail Surface Enhancer and blend together with a stylus.

3. Apply a thin layer of the sheer blend to the nail.

4. Apply a thin curved stripe of CND® VINYLUX® Pink Pursuit down one side of the nail.

5. Mix a tiny drop of CND® VINYLUX® Black Pool with CND® VINYLUX® Palm Deco. Apply a wavy stripe of the dark green blend down the opposite side of the nail to create the leaf pattern.

6. Use a detail brush with CND® VINYLUX® Sugarcane to accent the leaf. Apply a thin layer of CND® VINYLUX® Weekly Top Coat.

1. Apply two thin layers of CND® SHELLAC® Clearly Pink. Cure each layer for one minute.

2. Apply vertical stripes side-by-side covering the nail using CND® SHELLAC® Banana Clips, Jelly Bracelet, Ecstasy, Video Violet and Blue Eyeshadow. Cure for one minute.

3. Apply a thin layer of CND® SHELLAC® Original Top Coat and cure for one minute.

4. Use a stylus to apply small drops of CND® SHELLAC® Original Top Coat to the nail in a random pattern. Cure for one minute.

5. Wipe with 99% Isopropyl Alcohol to remove top film. Repeat the cure for one additional minute and wipe with 99% Isopropyl Alcohol. Wait four minutes to allow residual solvents to evaporate.

6. Dip the cosmetic sponge into Chrome Effect powder and press into the nail, burnishing pigment until flat and smooth.

7. Lightly buff the perimeter of the nail to remove a thin line of chrome to create a proper seal.

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