The ultimate art vandal, Blinky Palermo, infamous German graffiti artist who stole a Mafioso’s name to find his fame as a legitimate modern artist, served as inspiration this season on the Libertine runway. His art became important in the ‘50s modern art movement because of its clean graphic style and bold, nearly-neon colors. Known for color blocks and checkerboard prints, we couldn’t

resist the temptation to do it all from the original works of art on miniature canvases…NAILS!!! The short, soft squares were white-washed in artgallery white and then precisely handpainted to create electric wearable works of art! Each model wore a mix of prints on 8 nails plus one ‘Bad Penny’ nail…(yes, real teensy, tiny pennies) on a copper high-shine background… and one baguette

mirrored mosaic crystal nail that refracted colors like a kaleidoscope to complete a vandalous, exciting and, of course, EXHILERATING show! WE LOVE LIBERTINE!!!!