This season, the Blonds runway represented the ultimate in post-apocalyptic couture. It was the perfect contradiction between glamour and grunge, punk and precision. The clothes were high end and highly detailed elegance; the hair was pulled back punk; make-up was sleek and nails over- the-top-performance art!

There were two segments to our approach to nail design:

The first was utopian, with the all-knowing eye of Horus dramatically placed across three fingers and lavishly encased with Swarovski crystals and spiked metal lashes; orange suede nails were gold capped with hand crafted fascinators;

white disheveled corset nails were synched back together with gold chain and tulle; articulated gold snake skin was intricately stacked on the nail like armor…and more.

The second segment was dystopian with a military series of nails that included a variety of camouflage designs that went from tame to tumultuous with large scale dripping metallic paillettes guarding the cuticle up to the first knuckle; generals’ badges that swung from the ribbon-painted tips; a variety of weapons including blades, numchucks and even a cyanide pill buried in a secure encasement were placed on nails.

Within this series was a complete black and white leather group, some with crystal details and gold tip caps; others were full transformer devices that served as escape vehicles for an emergency maneuver.

The ultimate explosion of the evening took place on a full set of shrapnel nails, with shards of glass, gems and crystal bits flying from the fingertips!

All this drama was made possible with the imaginations and artistic talent of a global team of artists from over 5 countries! The Design Lab was in heavy action for 900+ hours to complete every handcrafted work of art. This level of artistry pushes the boundaries of what’s possible with every medium in the CND line, and explores new creative possibilities for nails by advancing the state of the industry.