Gazing up into the pure rush of the first snowfall.

Winter 2015 arrives with the hush and sparkle of winter's wish coming true. Inspired by the softness and loft of premium fabrications-cashmere, alpaca, curly Mongolian lambskins-the pristine soul of the season is lit from above, warmed from within. Edgy turns, like the shock of crushed metallics around the outer eye-corner, energize modern neutral tones of dove's-down, cream, bone and polar white.

Fashion directions suggest warmth without weight or bulk, playing with super-deluxe microfibers edged in feathers, plumes and floaty strands of fur and fiber. Movement of fringe and tassels suggests the migration of nomadic hunters across the pack-ice of arctic dreamtime. Monochromatic layering recalls the uber-clean feel of a Scandinavian ski holiday.

Accessories for the season are crafted to seemingly defy gravity, emphasizing smooth textures, glossy finishes and organic shapes.

Skin is kept subtly matte for a satinized finish, offset by the drama of a darkened eye or lip.

Microglitters in tones of graphite and steel add patina to the aura of an immaculate face.

The nail of Winter captures crystalline essence with platinum, diamond and white-gold enhancements and finishes, in shapes ranging from the elegantly slender almond to a slightly squared natural shape. Scintilla fire-flecks of applied shimmers create the glint of the midnight sun across fresh powder.

The first flakes land on the skin, too soft to be felt.