FALL 2016

There’s something about the feel of it. Slouchy boots, carved and stitched by hand. Boot-heels that have walked a thousand adventures and ridden off into the sunset. Raw-cut leather, exposed to the elements. Fabrications that bear the human touch, slow-spun to glide across warm skin, as sleek as moving water. Metal smoothed by wear. Effects softened and made more densely complex by time and experience.

The texture of craft culture defines Fall 2016 as authentic, not synthetic. Imperfect, yet deeply known and profoundly felt. A crack in the shield – it’s how the light gets in.

Call it intuition. The nail of the season reveals its wisdom- legacy layer by layer. Weathered epiphanies, shedding the exterior to reveal interior multitudes. Histories of storytelling surface as we rub away the burnished coppers, molten bronzes and sandy nudes, breaking free to the

amazement of worn denim-teal, turquoise and sky-azure.

The Fall 2016 nail silhouette is short and tight, with color-code packed into a compact shape. Industrial finishes find their way into the majestically flawed grandeur through spatters and drips, like the mineral washes of caves hidden in deepest canyons, and the path of falling stars across a lost galaxy.