The extraordinary collection presented at The Blonds Fall/Winter 2016 runway show was a mashup of wearable couture and fantasy red carpet! The metallic striped dresses, crystal-adorned sweatshirts, skinny pantsuits and over-scale iridescent parkas were all items every fashion lover will covet! The richly detailed corsets and evening gowns will no doubt find their way onto the red carpet and into the hearts of the highest profile celebrities. The Blonds have found their stride as fashion influencers by carving out their own path…all the way down the rabbit hole!

Inspired by the fantasy of Alice in Wonderland and '50s high-style glamour, the result of this collaboration was a vibrant collection with trippy accents including oversized bows, Rastafarian up-do's and the most extravagant nails ever seen on the runway! CND showcased 22 hand-crafted nail designs that added the finishing fireworks to the whimsical and inspiring collection.

The nail presentation evolved in several phases, starting with Alice as a young ingénue, with sleek white lace doilies adorned with mini edible cookies that were frosted with lettering: 'Eat Me' and 'Lick Me'! Delicate opalescent pearl pink and high-shine white pointed almonds were adorned with hand-painted numbers letting Alice know "she's late, she's late, she's late," then completed with graceful wisps of white feathers that added a weightless, innocent feel. Chic clear tips with iridescent hand-placed fishnet latticework and pearly pink bases were as light as a feather and sweet as Alice herself! All these early looks are very wearable now and all the way through holiday 2016!

The mood then shifted into the fantasy glamour of Hollywood with vibrant shades of hot pink and fuchsia. Crystal stars were grounded in black patent and matte velvet bases which made for an elegant yet dramatic statement for Alice as she became a young starlet. Note to self…another very relevant look for holiday 2016!

When Alice fell down the rabbit hole, the nails went trippy with distorted black and white hand-painted checked patterns and clock piece adornments placed as jewels. This set was one of my favorites...which I'm dying to wear in real life NOW!

Once in fantasyland, there were hallucinogenic neon flowers, all hand-sculpted with RETENTION+® Liquid & Powder, based in a garden of black diamonds; handmade luminescent gemstones made of BRISA® Gel; even a sculpted Royal Flush and bleeding white roses dripping in rubies.

All the masterpieces, which took over 900 hours to complete, were a breathtaking display of both the ART and the ARTISAN.

The most amazing and artistic team of Nail Professionals, our CND Design Lab Team and honorary guest artists, raised the bar once again…by making the impossible POSSIBLE!

xo- Jan