A glass slipper.

The dizzying swirl of lights and music fill the room and luminous luxury saturate the air…it's midnight and the spotlight is on you.

This holiday season is adorned with sparkle and shine.

The glass slipper glistens in the light.

Opulent soirees and gleaming galas await.

Pastel petite fours await the adorned fingertips of the delicate but ravenous.

Porcelain skin is dewy with shine and eyes are softly dusted with pastel shadow, strategically and boldly placed.

Hair is deconstructed MARIE-ANTOINETTE meets CINDERELLA with an odd but needed matte finish.

The dream comes to life and the room illuminates with shades of Chiffon Twirl, Dazzling Dance, Grand Gala from the CND Gilded Dreams Collection. Nails are luminous with metallic, glittery paillettes on clear tips in sleek almond shapes and then magically iced in rose gold, icy blue, silvery pastels. Pearls, diamonds (real ones) and gems perfectly placed….just in time as the clocks bell rings 12 times.

The glass slipper fitted her perfectly.

― Jan Arnold