F/W 2014

A night to remember!

NYC Fashion Week 2014 has ended, but the magical impression left still resonates brightly.

The Blonds’ runway show created a euphoric high for all lucky enough to be invited. It was characteristically entertaining, artistic and a celebration of the design duo’s imagination and creativity; but this season, it produced some of the most impressive couture pieces, refined craftsmanship, sophisticated storytelling and masterpiece nails that stood up proudly next to all of the above!

The theme was inspired by classic comic book villains and showcased Catwoman, the Jewel Thief, the Joker and more. The nail designs supported the pop culture side of CND’s fall fashion collection ‘Modern Folklore,’ but were pushed to the next level to become an important part of the runway theatre. With each model that walked down the catwalk, two looks were showcased: the beautiful garments AND the intricate NAIL fashion.

Most notably:

  • Catwoman talons ‘clicked’ into place with the fling of a hand (from designer Kristina Estabrooks' brilliant use of metals and magnates).
  • Sinister hand-sculpted joker faces were accompanied by a full arsenal of weaponry mounted on the nails (each sculpted from scratch by artist Shelena Robinson using Retention+ Liquid and Powder).
  • The Jewel Thief’s, whose sticky fingers pulled out jewels that dripped from nails to the floor…(all held together with Brisa Gel, Retention+ Liquid & Powder and each precisely placed by designer Heather Davis).
  • Luxe Leopard nails so extravagant and expensive-looking reflected the danger and depth of the animal who inspired them (nails were lavishly lacquered by artist Michele Huynh).
  • The Pink Panther sported clumps of jagged vintage jewels on each of 10 tantalizing tips (painstakingly applied by hand for days by designer Sarah Okins).

...and then the maniacal Knitting Girl, strapped into a magnificent pink knit ball gown, frantically knitted herself into her own dress using ten Knitting Needle NAILS….each dipped and decked in tiny jewels and glitter (by master craftswomen Roxanne Valinoti and Kristina Estabrooks).

The CND Design Lab and its incredible artisians worked hundreds of hours getting it right.

And we all say: Bravo! Bravo!! Bravo!!!