The Blonds

Exotic panthers prowled through the shadows of a seductive Blonds Paradise with the allure of neon animal prints, flashes of beguiling gems and the decadence of female power! The Blonds SS18 runway show featured the iconic and extraordinary Blonds craftsmanship with crystal bejeweled dresses, jumpsuits and jackets intricately adorned and ready for the call of the wild. The fierce hair and make-up was pushed over the top with chopped stiletto nails in faceted crystals that glowed in the dark; matte ripped denims with copper beading; sheer white lace florals that were anything but innocent; hand painted exotic flowers and leopard print adorned with a 3-D pixie crystal-encrusted bird-of-paradise; a magnificent iridescent scorpion tail, fully encrusted with opalescent crystals; and even the tail of a rattle snake which glowed in the dark, perhaps as a signal of its imminent danger. This Blonds Paradise was rich with temptations.

— Jan Arnold, CND Co-Founder & Style Director

The Blonds - CND at Fashion Week Video


I thought I was prepared for the punk couture extravaganza at the Libertine Spring/Summer 2018 runway show but even with the inside access we are afforded, when the lights and music blared and the show began, I was filled with exhilaration. Every sense was awakened with shocking color, outrageous texture, extravagance, and precision. No one styles and sees fashion the way Johnson Hartig does. He is a true original with a unique perspective and the confidence to take a risk! The collection WAS decadent, indulgent and totally covetable.

…and then, the NAILS! Really? Based on kindred creative collaboration and trust, the CND Artists went wild with artistry. 1,000 hours of craftsmanship, thousands of crystals, hundreds of safety pins, hand-sculpted spirals, forbidden treasures… time and love. Pushing the envelope is what we do best and some of the best looks included a hand-sculpted bird skull completely adorned with a crown of safety pins and encrusted in crystals, a 'Venus fly trap' crystal nail that opened to pills in the spike-toothed pill box and then there were the nails with safety pin and crystal finger armor that looked like a priceless metallic glove.

Take a cue from Libertine + CND and rebel this season with wearable art that takes your nails to the next stratosphere!

— Jan Arnold, CND Co-Founder & Style Director

Libertine CND at Fashion Week Video

Jeremy Scott

The Jeremy Scott SS18 show burst onto the runway like a comet shooting across the sky in an intergalactic 80's club scene. Flashes of mirror shine created a laser-light disco show on leggings and boots against a backdrop of combat-ready camouflage, t-shirts and hoodies. Silver-dusted-digits radiated brightly from the bold fireball glow of the matte and shiny hot pink and neon orange nails, which were sleekly tailored in pointed almond shapes. Matte nails against shiny said it all about the high low collection which included dramatic floor grazing wings of pleated taffeta ruffles attached to functionally fashionable backpacks. And the sheer, crystal-beaded body suit strapped in to life vest, in the event of cabin pressure loss. The buckle-up moment however, was in the finale where giant pieces of silver Mylar fell from the sky, in celebration of the 20th anniversary of Jeremy Scott as an independent designer. This was a perfect 360 tie to the must-have Silver Dusted Digit Mani of the season! 😉

— Jan Arnold, CND Co-Founder & Style Director

Jeremy Scott CND at Fashion Week Video