4 Stunning Looks From the A/W 2019 Libertine Fashion Show

At the Los Angeles autumn/winter fashion show in late April, CND continued their long-term partnership with Libertine, the energetic L.A. fashion designer, by creating engaging nail art for the show. The overarching theme was “memento mori,” and the teams worked to breathe new life into traditionally antique embellishments while maintaining their timeless appeal.

The CND nail team for the Libertine fashion show, led by Heather Reynosa, included Shelena Robinson, Torie Bastian, Winnie Huang and Tracey Lee. Here’s a look at the incredible art they sculpted that took the runway by storm.

Garden Paradise

Fashion Nails

Photo source: @cndworld

Fashion Nails - Moss

Photo source: @winnieisawesome

Some of the most unique and eye-catching looks in the show featured actual living plants. Air plants and moss were attached to the nails as if they were growing straight out of the models’ fingertips. They even had to be watered in the days leading up to the show to keep the plants fresh. The resulting looks were both whimsical and polished, and quite literally brought the nail styles to life.

Gilded Fringe

Fashion nails - fringe

Photo source: @cndworld

CND nail experts piled heavy gold fringe upon the nails for an unusual and high-fashion take on hand-embroidered tapestry and vintage fabric. The team attached the fringe in a way that allowed it to dance along with the models’ hand movements, creating interactive nail art that left the audience in awe.

Double Exposure

Fashion nails - double exposure

Photo source: @janarnoldcnd

This nail style featured a clear nail tip raised and superimposed over another, forming an edgy, double-exposed look. The nails included illustrations of butterflies, images of skulls and photographs of Johnson Hartig, the creative genius behind Libertine. In some cases, the double-exposure took on the look of X-rays, with the ghostly image floating above the photograph below.

Glass Globes

Fashion nails - glass globe

Photo source: @cndworld

These stylish and boundary-pushing nails included a large clear sphere attached to the nail, filled with jewels that moved around freely inside. It was a look reminiscent of treasures tucked away inside a protective glass case, and the motion inside helped modernize the treasures.

Team CND always goes above and beyond to create nail looks that completely support and complement the designer’s vision. The Libertine fashion show was no exception, and the team was able to create a catalog of nail templates that tied into Johnson Hartig’s vision of memento mori, antique details, vintage fabrics and overgrown gardens. It was a fashion show unlike any other.