Join The Global Cnd Education Team


Dear Nail Professional,

Thank you for your interest in providing your skill, experience and talent as a CND Education Ambassador. We're honoured and excited by your interest. Our Education program is one of a kind and is well-known for its excellence and we are proud of its prestigious heritage.

As a CND Education Ambassador, you will be receiving a variety of assignments throughout the year. The following is an example of assignments:

  • Facilitate CND in-person and digital classes in your market
  • Host Facebook & Instagram Lives, as well as virtual events and webinars
  • Act as a CND spokesperson for press articles and other media-facing opportunities
  • Represent CND at local trade shows
  • Provide nail services at events (these may include Fashion Shows, VIP Press Events, Celebrities' Nails, PR events, etc.)
  • Certify Nail Professionals for services using CND Systems
  • Work closely with CND Distributors to promote CND Education in your market
  • Create art and application techniques using CND products

Once a CND Boot Camp is scheduled, the education department will review each bid and consider the need for an Education Ambassador in each country and region.

We look for Nail Professionals who are:

  • BOLD

To qualify as an Education Ambassador, you must:

  • Be a licensed Nail Professional (if applicable)
  • Currently use CND Product systems (Liquid & Powder, BRISA™ Gel, CND™ SHELLAC™ & CND PLEXIGEL™)
  • Hold a Nail Knowledge Certificate (
  • Hold CND Certificates in Liquid & Powder, BRISA™ Gel, CND™ SHELLAC™ obtained in last 2 years OR Grand Master Certificate
  • Have a regular source of employment (other work than CND), unless employed by the distributor.
  • Be over 18 years of age

Thank you again for your interest. We look forward to meeting you soon!

Jan Arnold

Submit your bid:

Before you begin, please ensure you have the following materials ready:

  1. Salon Professional License or Qualification Information
  2. Photo of Nail Knowledge Certificate
  3. Photos of CND Certificate(s)
  4. Photograph of headshot
  5. 2 Nail photographs:
  • 1-hand with Enhancements (your choice) BRISA™ Gel, CND PLEXIGEL™ or Liquid & Powder
  • 1-hand with Color or Art (your choice) CND™ SHELLAC™ Gel Polish or CND™ VINYLUX™ Long Wear Polish

Failure to provide all required information results in an incomplete bid which could result in non-consideration.

Submit Your Bid