From classic to colorful to over-the-top, the manicures at this past New York Fashion Week (NYFW) stunned and inspired. Intricate shapes, elaborate embellishments and hand-painted designs perfectly complemented the clothes featured in shows by The Blonds, Chromat, Ryan Lo and more. Whatever your clients’ taste or style, there’s a look drawn from these New York Fashion Week nails that they’re sure to love.

Here’s how you can bring these fresh-off-the-catwalk nail styles into your salon.

Futuristic French

As trend-setting, provocative designers, The Blonds always push the limits of fashion — and their set (nay, party) at this year’s NYFW was no different. The artists gave the classic French manicure a space-age update.

Step one: Create a classic French mani with a white polish shade at the tip and a very sheer nude or pink as a base.

Step two: Paint a silver shade, like Mercurial, over the classic French. Then, paint a layer of clear topcoat over that.

Step three: You can apply gems either by carefully pressing them into semi-dry polish or, for a longer-lasting hold, by adding dots of resin close to the cuticle and then setting the jewels on top.

Croc Star

The Blonds runway also showcased sharp bejeweled crocodile tips. This reptilian nail art might have required hours of detailed freehand work, but you can achieve a similar design much more quickly with a crackle-effect topcoat.

Step one: Protect the nails with a base coat, and then paint on two coats of a black polish and let them dry completely.

Step two: Take a shiny shade, like Emerald Lights or Peacock Plume, and wipe the brush on the bottle’s edge to remove the excess of polish. Then brush the leftover color onto the nail to create a patchy, reptilian-like texture. Let this dry completely.

Step three: Finish with a clear topcoat.

Wild Thing

Animal prints have ruled the runway season after season, so naturally leopard and tiger stripe nails made their way onto this year’s NYFW catwalk. The Blonds played up their fierce style with these tiger stripe stiletto nails.

Step one: Protect the nails with a base coat. Then, paint on two to three coats of black lacquer.

Step two: When the polish is completely dry, create the tiger stripes using a stencil and a metallic shade, like Leather Satchel.

Step three: Once the nails are dry, finish with a topcoat.

Make a Splash

Chromat’s eco-aware show made both a fashion statement and an activist statement. The show featured multiple aquatic looks, including this radioactive “seaweed” design created with a splatter paint technique.

Step one: Apply two coats of bright blue polish. Let it dry.

Step two: To create the splattered effect, pour out some magenta acrylic paint, dip the end of a straw into the paint, and blow through the other end of the straw to distribute the paint.

Step three: Use remover to clean up any acrylic paint that splattered onto the cuticles. Let the design completely dry, and then lock it in with a topcoat.

New York Fashion Week nails provide endless inspiration to help you create high-fashion looks for your clients all season long. Whether you try out these designs or put your own spin on the trends, keep your work fresh and fun by taking these looks from runway to realway.