4 of the Best Pedicure Colors for Summer

Summer is approaching, and we all know what that means: sandal weather! Your clients will soon be looking to you for recommendations on the best pedicure colors for summer, so we’ve gathered up the four shades you should get to know this year. Meet the colors that will fit any mood, any travel plan and any personal style, and get ready to pair your clients up with their pedi bestie.

The Overall Summer MVP (Most Valuable Polish)

Best Summer Pedicure Colors - white

Photo source: @brows_krc

Our top pick this summer? Soft white. It’s classy yet flirty, subtle yet bold, and it looks great on any skin tone. The lightness of the shade can help enhance a summer tan, and the neutrality of the color can complement any outfit and remain appropriate for any summer activity. Choose a shade with just a touch of sheerness to keep it from looking like you polished with a correction pen.

The Poolside BFF

Pedicure Colors for Summer

Photo source: @cndworld

With their floppy hat and new swimsuit, your clients are ready for summer. Now all they need is the perfect poolside pedi. With equal parts romantic and playful vibes, light pink is one of the best pedicure colors for summer. Neon pink has been a staple for summer pedis in the past, but we suggest softening it up this year, while still retaining a fun punch of color.

The Vacation Travel Buddy

Best Summer Pedicure Colors - red

Photo source: @chalkboardnails

Whether your clients will be lounging on the beach, trekking through a new city or just wishing they were on vacation, vermilion red-orange will have them looking perfectly polished. This shade is universally flattering and an easy summer upgrade for people who usually go for a classic red.

The Quirky One

Best Summer Pedicure Colors

Photo source: @cndworld

If your clients are looking to change things up a bit this year, we suggest giving them some eye-catching nail art. The perfect summer pedi combines bright and jewel-toned shades in a gorgeous ombre. To make the look even more unique, add some bold graphic details. Sandal season has never seen nail art this fabulous.

Whether your clients want something familiar or are looking to mix it up a bit, these shades are sure to get them through the season. They’ll be ready for that poolside piña colada and have you to thank for it!