Winter will soon be over, and that means it’s time to emerge from your down-jacket cocoon and get ready for warmer weather! Naturally, we’re dreaming of the perfect vacation nail polish colors. Here are five of our favorite shades that are perfect for clients either planning tropical getaways or hoping to conjure warm sunshine on their next staycation. One Mai Tai, please!

Fiery Red-Orange

Get your clients ready for those Havana nights with this bright warm-weather twist on a classic red nail. Perfect for bolder clients, the blend of red and orange makes for a modern summer shade that will surely have them feeling the heat. Finish the look with a super glossy topcoat for tips that’ll turn heads. ¡Muy caliente!

Caribbean Sea

You can’t have a tropical vacation without crystal clear, aqua waves! This is one of the most popular vacation nail polish colors there is — and for good reason. Embellish this design by painting on shell patterns or starfish, or decorate it with pearls (straight from the oyster, of course). This look will bring out anyone’s inner mermaid.

Pink Orchid

Liven up the classic pink manicure with a dash of purple! Tropical and bright, this color is great for clients who want to go a little bolder than their usual shade of pink. And of course, it’s a perfect match for tropical flower nail art. Hello, Hawaiian orchids!

Palm Leaf Green

Believe it or not, palm leaves are good for more than just fanning yourself. They can also inspire a tropical manicure featuring rich green fronds. For this look, paint palm leaves over a clean white or beige base. The shape and texture of the leaves provide you an opportunity to use your skill with little details.

Peachy Coral

Take a cue from the reef and try out a gorgeous peachy coral shade. This color will make your hands look more tan in the sunshine. Pair it with a glittering gold accent nail or some shiny gold foil, and those nails will be ready for the beach.

Whether your client’s style is classic or trendsetting, there are plenty of nail polish options for tropical vacations. Many clients are willing to let loose when they’re on vacation, so use the opportunity to try something new and bold.