4 Ocean-Inspired Looks Featuring Shades of Blue Nail Polish

With warmer weather fast approaching, many clients are looking to skip spring showers and head directly to their sandy oasis. To give them the perfect warm-weather look, grab your shades of blue nail polish and embrace the tidal wave of azure accents. Here are four ocean-inspired looks to consider.

Crashing Waves

Crashing Waves Blue Shades of Nail Polish

Photo source: @nailthoughts

Make waves with this look inspired by a day at the beach. Use a neutral nail shade for the perfect sandy base coat, and create crashing waves using white and blue. Before they cure, marble the colors together with an Orangewood stick or toothpick, evoking the layers of ocean spray that settle on the blue waters.

Under the Sea

Under the Sea Blue Shades of Nail Polish

Photo source: @cndworld

This eye-catching nail look reflects shades found on the ocean floor. First, transform the nails into the shape of your client’s choice. Then, paint each nail with a stark blue. When that cures, add neon purple lines to capture the colors of coral reef and seaweed that adorn the bottom of the sea. Apply a glossy topcoat for a wet finish straight from the ocean.

Sea the Sparkle

Sea the Sparkle Blue Shades of Nail Polish

Photo source: @identityclevedon

Emulate the ocean’s sparkle on a sunny day with a glittery accent. Start by applying a saturated blue shade on each nail. Sprinkle silver or white glitter on the tips and finish by accenting two nails with a full coat of glitter. Finish with a topcoat for a truly magical manicure.

Wavy Baby

Wavy Baby Blue Shades of Nail Polish

Photo source: @hermajestyspleasure

Go modern by using negative space to get wavy, baby. Start with a base coat, and then apply a periwinkle shade to a portion of the nail, using a stencil to outline a gentle tidal wave. This look will make a splash with any client.

With the right shades of blue nail polish, you can bring an oceanic getaway to your clients’ fingertips. Need some more inspiration? Just head to the beach.