Become a U.S. CND Color Specialist!

Dear Salon Professional,

Thank you for your interest in providing your skill, experience and talent as a CND Color Specialist. We’re honored and excited by your interest. Our Education program is known for its excellence and we are proud of its prestigious heritage.

CND Color Specialists will receive a variety of assignments throughout the year to drive CND brand conversion and product systemization. The following are examples of assignments:

  • Execute education and sales programs or activities with distributor partners
  • Represent CND at trade shows and VIP salons
  • Teach a CND color class
  • Certify Nail Professionals for services using CND® SHELLAC®
  • Support the CND school division to promote CND as the superior professional nail brand
  • Create art and application techniques using CND products

CND Color Specialists will receive payment for each assignment they accept and will contract one to four times per month on average. Contracted fees are extremely competitive.

Bids are currently being accepted for the CND Color Specialist Training scheduled for August 2018. We are looking for Nail Professionals who are:

  • BOLD

To qualify to submit a bid for this role, you must:

  • Be a licensed, working Nail Professional
  • Have a regular source of employment (other than contract work with CND)
  • Currently using at least one CND color system (CND® SHELLAC® or VINYLUX®)
  • Note: CND Master Painter and CND® SHELLAC® Brand Certified Pros receive priority consideration

The CND education department will review each bid and consider the need for a Color Specialist in each state. Should your state require a CND Color Specialist, you will be contacted to audition for a Color Specialist role. Upon successful completion of the Color Specialist Training, you will enter into a CND Color Specialist contract. As an independent contractor, you will have the freedom to maintain your own business while teaching other professionals CND Education infused with your passion and skills.

Thank you again for your interest. We look forward to meeting you soon!

Jan Arnold
Co-Founder/Style Director

Submit your bid:

Before you begin, please ensure you have the following materials ready:

  • Beauty Professional license (or certification according to your local state requirements)
  • Photograph of your head shot
  • 2 photographs using CND® SHELLAC® or VINYLUX® featuring:
  1. 1-hand with Red Opaque Color
  2. 1-hand with Forever French

Submit Your Bid