Nail Art Across the Maniverse Spring 2024 Color Collection

CND™ is excited to introduce our newest collection, ACROSS THE MANI-VERSE, featuring a mood-boosting palette that offers a journey through whimsical colors, holographic finishes, and psychedelic motives. These six kaleidoscopic shades pay homage to an alternate reality while embodying the essence of spring with lively pastels enhanced by contrasting pearl effects.

Available in both CND™ SHELLAC™ Gel Polish and CND™ VINYLUX™ Long Wear Polish, ACROSS THE MANI-VERSE is sure to create feel-good vibes and add a whimsical touch to your style.

Enjoy an interview with the three incredible, talented nail artists who worked on the nail designs for ACROSS THE MANI-VERSE; Emily Nash, Torie Bastien, and Jessica Warzyniak.


Headshot of CND Nail Artist Torie Bastian


Nail Design: Spotlight, God Mode, Crystal Vision

Question 1: Your design 'God Mode' is profoundly detailed and mesmerizing! What’s the hidden message behind this design? 

Alex Grey is a prolific psychedelic artist. His work is like looking into a glimpse of another dimension. This is what I wanted to bring to “God Mode” and to the Mani-Verse!  I also wanted to bring in the vibe of the “free spirit” with the crystal nails. I have been hand digging crystals for the past 12 years. Every crystal, in this set of nails, I have pulled from the earth, myself, cleaned, and coded to create the perfect set of nails to complete the Mani-Verse manifestation! 

Question 2: Can you share a business tip that has made a huge difference for you?

I would have to say truly believing in yourself, and never looking back. By staying true to your authentic self and sticking to your values is the perfect recipe to fuel your life and business for success. I try to celebrate that statement everyday.


Emily Nail Nail Professional Headshot


Nail Design: Groovy Velvet

Question 1: Your designs often play with the duality of matte and shiny elements. How does this approach enrich your designs?

I love playing with matte and shiny in a design. It gives the illusion of texture without creating roughness or 3D. It also creates an eye-catching factor within the design, allowing the matte design to pop out against the shiny colored background.

Question 2: If you were speaking with a new nail professional in the industry, what would be the most important piece of advice you would want to share with them?

I believe that allowing yourself to slowly practice your craft is an important piece of advice. I don’t ever say you will one day be perfect because there is always room to learn and experiment. Take your time, love what you do and have fun!


Jessica Warzyniak Nail Professional Headshot


Nail Design: Day Trip

Question 1: You're experimental and fearless in trying new things. What's the wildest nail art you've ever done, and what inspired it?

Wild is my specialty! I love using embellishments for an unexpected look! Bonus points for unconventional items as embellishments. I regularly encapsulate stones like meteorites and gemstones, and I even use other wild (pun-intended) items like flowers, mushrooms, snakeskin, insects, and spiders! I love doing 3D faces and eyeballs, and I recently made a 3D nail that looked like the spines of beautiful old books on a shelf. Obviously, I love using CNDTM PLEXIGEL SHAPER for those looks! However, I think that my wildest nails were real, functioning puppets hanging from the manicure. I used CNDTM Liquid and Powder system to make two puppets and wires to make moving joints then I put on a nail art puppet show!

Question 2: What is your #1 nail hack as a Nail Professional?

BE YOURSELF! Once I stopped worrying what other people thought of my nail art style, magic happened! Don’t worry if some don’t like what you do – those “missing” people will make room for your DREAM CLIETS. We’re so lucky to be able to work in such a diverse industry. Trust me, the right clientele is out there looking for YOU. Let them know you’re here by being your unapologetic self! You’ll be so glad you did.