While some clients come to the salon seeking wild inspiration, others are looking for the perfect seasonal manicure. To capture the essence of the cold, there’s nothing better than white nail polish in the winter.

White manicures are an elegant combination of classic and modern, and they complement just about any look. And though white shades and textures work for any season, they pair especially well with the winter snow and frost. Here are six shades of white that will help your clients embrace the chill this winter.

1. Pure White

Bright white nail shades are as white as snow, and they are perfect for a client who wants a mix of trendy and edgy. Cover this color with a high-gloss topcoat to instantly transform the manicure from pure and clean to bold and bright. These nails will look polished for weeks.

2. Pearly White

This nail color infuses a touch of glam into any winter manicure. A pale, off-white shade with an irridescent shimmer, pearlescent white is perfect for every occasion, from winter weddings to family gatherings. If your client is looking for a sophisticated and delicate shade, this is the one for them.

3. Glittery White

Your bold, whimsical clients will love a white nail color that packs a glittery punch. These shades typically have a bright white base with a silver-toned glitter overlay, creating a sparkle that resembles freshly fallen snow in a winter wonderland.

4. Vanilla White

If your client wants a shade of white, but is a sucker for nude nails, a vanilla white shade fits the bill. With a rich off-white base and hints of yellow, this shade is understated and versatile. It’s a shade everyone will love.

5. Sheer, Cool White

The subtle antique look of sheer, cool white shades will suit clients who want an understated traditional color. These shades look milky and glossy on the nails. Two coats will give your client a taste of the white nail trend without going overboard.

From bold whites to muted vanilla nail colors, the options for white nail polish in the winter are endless. Be the life of the party or the perfect snuggling partner this winter. Either way, your manicure will be in season.