Vacation season is finally here, and your clients are looking for epic nail art to match their global getaways. Whether they’re planning to hike the rainforests of Central America or ski the famous slopes in the Alps, they need fierce nail art to complement their big trips.

Achieving the perfect vacation nails doesn’t have to be hard. All you have to do is look to the sights, smells and sounds of the destination for inspiration. Here are four unique looks inspired by the international hot spots of your clients’ upcoming excursions.

A Rainforest Hike in Costa Rica

Vacation Nails - Costa Rica

Photo source: @nails_by_nicki

Take a cue from the colorful sights of the rainforest and create these attention-grabbing vacation nails for clients prepping for an upcoming hike. To create this look, file the nails into a short, utilitarian square shape, perfect for trekking through the dense canopy, and then carefully apply black polish to each nail.

Then, using a small brush and some magenta, white, gold and green polish, hand-paint leaves and flora straight from the depths of the jungle.

A Skiing Expedition in the Alps

Vacation nails - the Alps

Photo source: @tothrebekainsta

For skiers, the Alps are one of the most epic mountain ranges. For clients ready to hit the slopes, create nail art that reflects snow-capped mountains against a bright blue sky.

To get the look, file the nails into a short round or squoval shape. Then, using striping tape and some blue and white polish, carefully create a silhouette of a mountain slope. Add some ski-inspired graphics for an overall look any traveler would love.

A Backpacking Trip Across Europe

Vacation nails - Europe

Photo source: @chezpaintsnails

Whether you client is visiting London, Paris or Milan, there’s no denying that this tartan-inspired nail look will keep their nails on-trend as they make their way through the fashion capitals of Europe.

File the nails into a short, round shape, and then add some vibrant color by alternating fuchsia and yellow polishes on each nail. Carefully use a small brush and some black and white paint to create the iconic tartan pattern. Seal the look with a glossy topcoat and your client will be ready to shop ’til they drop.

A Safari Through the Plains of Africa

Vacation nails - African Safari

Photo source: @buffcsjen

To pay tribute to the beautiful African wildlife, embrace this sleek and fierce nail idea that’s both dramatic and subtle. To achieve this look, carefully paint each nail with a long-lasting neutral polish. Then, use cheetah- or leopard-print nail stickers to create a subtle, yet wild, animal print. If you’re feeling ambitious, try hand-painting the spots with a small polish brush.

When it comes to nail art, the world is full of inspiration. Next time your client comes into the salon looking for vacation nails, take a cue from their global destination to give them a look anyone in the world would love.