Do your clients feel overwhelmed while trying to choose their signature holiday nail colors? We’ve all been there — and we don’t blame them! Don’t worry. We’ve got your back with seven polish pairings that will keep them looking chic, modern and — dare we say — cool. From subtle and understated to loud and trendsetting, here are the best looks to match your customers’ personal style.

Whether you’re splitting these up into manicure and pedicure shades, pairing them as a main nail polish color and an accent color or combining them in nail art looks, you’ll be set with these holiday nail color combos, sure to impress even your most discerning clients.

1. Raspberry and Black Cherry

This pair of holiday nail colors is perfect for those who love luxury. The luscious berry nail polish color receives an air of sophistication from the deep, moody tones of the black cherry, creating a look that resembles crushed velvet. It’s ideal for clients who prefer a more traditional look but still want to feel festive this season.

2. Ink and Glittering Obsidian

A perfect duo for edgier clients, the rich inky black provides a nice base for the glitzy sparkle of the obsidian color — like stars twinkling against a dark winter sky. While these clients might wear black year-round, adding a little glitter can glam up their usual manicure.

3. Cherry and Matte Topcoat

Every time the holidays roll around, nail professionals make their list and check it twice — to make sure they have enough red nail polish, that is! Clients know there’s nothing more glamorous and holiday-ready than a sleek cherry-red nail. Update this classic look with a velvety matte topcoat that will appeal to both trendsetters and traditionalists.

4. Champagne and Greige

This is the pick for those who want to add pizzazz to their nails during the winter, but also need to remain office-appropriate. Choose a slightly grayed-out version of your favorite nude shade, and accent it with a delicate champagne sparkle for a subtle holiday style. It’s like hanging tinsel on their nails!

Avoid a fashion faux pas by choosing colors with similar undertones — don’t pair a warm-leaning green with a cool-toned gray.

5. Feather and Snowfall

Here’s a unique holiday nail polish pairing for clients who want to stand out without being too loud. Combine a semi-sheer, soft white nail polish with an opaque white shade for a tone-on-tone, monochromatic style that evokes delicate lace or a winter snowfall. Bonus points for adding some snowflake nail art!

6. Rock Candy and Winter Sky

Ice Queen? More like “YAAAS queen!” A sugary shimmer topper adds a subtle sparkle to an icy powder blue, for a finished look like winter frost against a morning sky. It’s fresh and youthful, so choose this pairing for clients willing to try something new and exciting.

7. Mistletoe and Charcoal

An avant-garde pairing, this style dares clients to walk the line between trendsetting and almost clashing. Haul out the holly with a deep, rich green, and pair it with a shade that will ensure the only coal they get this year is on their nails. Avoid a fashion faux pas by choosing colors with similar undertones — don’t pair a warm-leaning green with a cool-toned gray.