This season, Super Bowl nails are the must-have accessory to complete any fandom celebration — no matter which team your clients are rooting for. So whether your clients want to display their undying loyalty to a specific team or simply love getting hyped for football in general, this nail art is sure to show your clients’ spirit this February.

Celebrate in Style

If your clients are overwhelmed with the many nail art choices on Pinterest, or if their team didn’t make it to the final two, go with a classic and celebrate the establishment of football itself. Choose a great grass green to polish the full manicure, with an option of football brown as an accent nail. On one or more of the green nails, use a small striping or detail brush to add field hash marks with a crisp white. On the brown nail, use the same brush and white shade to hand paint the ball laces to finish off the look. A matte topcoat will keep the look fresh for days.

For the client who wants go all out but is short on time, you can polish the thumb, index finger and pinky with a soft pinkish nude, the middle finger with white and the ring finger with grass green. Using a small art brush and a medium brown, create half of a football coming down onto the index fingernail. Add some laces to the ball using a crisp white. On the white middle finger, use a striping brush to paint black stripes down the nail to pay homage to the referee Sarah Thomas, the first female to officiate in an NFL playoff game. All of these looks are sure to Super Bowl stun.

Cheer on Your Team

If your client is celebrating a particular team this February, create beautiful designs using the team’s colors. Try a chevron with alternating team colors, which you can hand paint using a striping brush, stamp with a chevron pattern plate or create using a stencil.

You could also design a striking look with a color-blocking technique. Section the nails into three to five pieces using the shape of your choice, and alternate polishing different sections with different colors using a medium to large detail brush. Use your #naileyes to find designs that pay tribute to your client’s team of choice, and break the visual down into lines and simple shapes to create a subtle but spirited look.

All out Fandom

Is your client a die-hard fan of one of the teams duking it out this year? Get inspired by the team’s colors to create an incredible design. For elaborate motifs, book a little extra time in advance. A simple look, though, could involve a basic French manicure. Use one of the team’s colors for the full center of the nail, and polish the small half moon area with the other.

For the fan with a penchant for sparkle, use a dry brush to press glitter into a layer of cured gel polish, dusting off any excess before applying a topcoat. For a time-saving option, polish each full hand of nails different colors, or use embellishments, such as a sticker of the team’s logo, to infuse more team spirit.

Don’t be afraid to let your artistry shine by hand painting the team logo or mascot onto the nail. With nails this good, your client will be the talk of the party.

Super Nails

As an expert on all things nails, provide your clients options to help them celebrate the big game in style. Be sure to take pictures for your social media channels and tag the teams to show off your skills. You never know — maybe your nail art will show up on the big screen this February.