Nail professionals are many things: artists, managers, trendsetters. But their overarching role as businessperson means they have to maintain a thriving business while creating excellent nail art. This is why nail salon marketing is essential.

Marketing is much more than advertising or posting on social media, though. The way a nail professional positions products and services within their salon is a critical component of their marketing strategy, and when it comes to retaining clients and bringing in new ones, customizability is key. Here’s how you can customize your services to give your clients an excellent experience that keeps them coming back.

Back to the Basics

Most clients come into the salon looking for a basic manicure or pedicure. The best way to market directly to these customers and upsell your products is by creating a home care package that complements their in-salon services. Clients know to take care of their face after a facial or their hair after a color, so why shouldn’t they be able to care for their hands and feet after a trip to the salon?

If your client asks for a basic mani with a week-long wear nail polish, for example, they’ll need some at-home care essentials. For a discounted price, you could give them the option to combine their in-salon service with a take-home package that includes a top coat for touch ups and cuticle oil. As another option, they might choose a package with an oil, a cream and a nail file. These basic care packages are easy upsells that you can offer as a useful supplement to your client’s service.

Take It Up a Notch

Sometimes pedicures get more involved, like when you have to address specific issues like dry toenails, calloused feet and flaky skin. In these situations, customizing a take-home package to the client’s specific needs is crucial.

No matter what nail coating you apply, dry feet can use a quality cream to extend and enrich the benefits of the pedicure. If the skin around the nails is cracked or calloused, you should pair a cuticle product with the foot cream. For a more thorough home regimen, offer an exfoliating scrub and a cuticle oil. When receiving a customized package that combines any number of these products, your client will feel taken care of and understood. You build salon loyalty while they get personalized care — everyone wins.

Make It Special

When it comes to home care, nail enhancements are an often overlooked service, but customizing packages with the right products can help clients see the importance of at-home care. Regularly using a quality cuticle oil will give enhanced nails more flexibility and make them less prone to breakage, so adding oil to a care package is important. You could also include a scrub, letting the client know that the scrub will help polish the skin to keep it glowing. Once winter arrives, a cuticle product, combined with oil and a lotion, makes for the perfect hand and nail moisture pack to help fight winter dryness.

There are several other products you could offer as add-ons to a nail enhancement service, including retail gloves for household chores or beverages with flavors and scents that complement the products you’ve applied. Enriching an enhancement service with takeaway care packages will keep your clients coming back for more.

Give the Gift of Nail Art

Another way to improve your nail salon marketing is to partner your care packages with gift certificates. People are often looking for a gift more personal than a gift card, so adding a customized package of products with a gift certificate helps the purchaser feel as if the gift has more tangible value. Offering a small selection of bags, boxes and baskets to choose from even empowers you to create thoughtful custom gift packaging that creates a comprehensive presentation.

Think of home care more as an extension of the service, rather than a sales spiel. Offering add-on packages with information about how to use the products at home can build salon loyalty while providing the best possible service for your clients. Combine your business acumen with your inner artist to make every service a success.