Every day is the perfect opportunity to try some bold and blingy designs. Your clients might not walk into the salon hoping to try this nail look, but that doesn’t mean you can’t suggest it. Stock up on your jewel-tone nail polish colors, and get ready to create nail art that pops and sparkles.

Here are some top colors, gems and designs to help you bring the bling this season.

Top Jewel-Tone Nail Polish Colors

Emerald Green

Emerald green is a deep yet vivid shade of green that resembles the Irish countryside. This rich jewel-tone color looks sophisticated on any hand.

Sapphire Blue

Ruby Red

Ruby red is a deep, blue-toned red similar to crimson. Representing monarchical power, ruby red looks regal as a gel polish, and your clients can rock it with either a matte or a shiny topcoat — it’s that versatile.

Top 3 Jewels to Use on Nails




Top 3 Jewel Designs

A Simple Accent

Full-Blown Bling

No matter the occasion — or even if there is no occasion at all — nothing beats a blinged-out manicure. For this bedazzled look, start with a sheer base coat. Grab your glue and start adding jewels to the nails — and don’t hold back. Design a different, but complementary pattern on each nail. This style is perfect for the confident client who wants the ultimate sparkle.

Lunula Embellishments

Ever since the world was reintroduced to the half-moon manicure, nail artists everywhere have been upgrading the look. Add jewel embellishments to the lunula of the nail to keep the style trendy and hot. For even more sparkle, start with a chunky glitter polish.

Jewel embellishments and jewel-tone nail polish colors take manicures to the next level. With a little creativity, the right nail color and lots of glue, you can create a jewel-inspired look fit for royalty.