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Dip Powder vs. Gel: What’s the Difference?

If your clients are looking to understand dip powder vs. gel, this breakdown of each can help.
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Celebrating CND’s 40th Anniversary With Nail Salon Services, Facts and Trends From 1979

In 1979, nail salon services, trends and art were on the cusp of something big. Here's how CND changed the nail industry forever.
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How to Get a Gel Finish Without the Gel

Wondering how to get a gel finish? Here's everything you need to know about gel-like topcoat.
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How to Get Rid of a Hangnail Painlessly

Wondering how to get rid of a hangnail? These tips can help.
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What Is Top Coat Nail Polish Used For?

Next time your clients ask, "What is topcoat nail polish used for?," tell them it's both fashionable and functional.
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How to Protect Your Hands and Nails From the Sun and Sand

Knowing how to protect your hands and nails from the sun is important for the perfect summer vacation.
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