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The Color Conquest

5 Muted Nail Polish Colors to Try This Spring

If you're tired of pastels and want to try something different, here are five unique muted nail polish colors to try this spring.
The Color Conquest

6 Professional Nail Art Tips for Creating Stunning Art

This roundup of some of our favorite professional nail art tips is perfect for when your clients are ready to take their nails to the next level.
The Color Conquest

How the Nail Color Wheel Can Enhance Your Art

The nail color wheel can help professionals create stunning art and impress clients. Here's how it works.
The Color Conquest

How to Wear Jewel-Tone Nail Polish and Gems

Are your clients looking for bold, blingy nail looks? Here are the top jewel-tone nail polish colors and designs your clients will love.
The Color Conquest

5 Romantic Manicures That Will Make Your Client Fall in Love

The quickest way into a client's heart is through their nails. Here are five romantic manicures your clients will love.
The Color Conquest

White Nail Polish in the Winter? Absolutely! Try These 5 Shades

Do your clients want to wear white nail polish in the winter? From bright, pure white to nude-toned vanilla, here are the hottest shades.
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