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How to Protect Your Hands and Nails From the Sun and Sand

Knowing how to protect your hands and nails from the sun is important for the perfect summer vacation.
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How to Rent a Booth in a Salon — and Other Details About Salon Employment

Wondering how to rent a booth in a salon? Whether you choose booth rental, independent contracting or salon employment, these tips can help you start.
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A Designer for the Ages: Runway Nail Art From Libertine

The clothing isn't the only thing making a statement at Libertine's fashion shows. Here's a look at the fashion designer's game-changing runway nail art.
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4 Questions About Nail Health Signs Your Clients Are Asking

Every nail professional should be ready to answer these four client questions about nail health signs.
The Color Conquest

How the Nail Color Wheel Can Enhance Your Art

The nail color wheel can help professionals create stunning art and impress clients. Here's how it works.
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CND Hits the Runway: New York Fashion Week Nail Art

Here's an inside look at the magic behind CND's New York Fashion Week nail art.
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