When it comes to nail art, creative inspiration can strike from anywhere — but nothing beats the beauty of nature. If your clients are looking to unleash their inner wild child with earth tones and animal prints, drawing from nature can be the best way to create incredible designs they’ll absolutely love. From animal nail art to styles inspired by the colors of the earth, here’s some inspiration from the natural world.

1. Leopard Print

This has been a go-to look since the birth of nail art, and for good reason! Leopard print evokes classic Old Hollywood glamour, and its color combinations and design can be adapted to fit anyone’s personal style.

Have a client that likes a more minimalist look? Choose tone-on-tone monochromatic colors and a smaller-sized leopard spot pattern for a soft, delicate look. Is your client into loud, bold statements? Enlarge the spots and grab bright, contrasting colors, and they’ll be sure to stand out. The best part is, leopard print is easily achieved with a basic dotting tool, making it a perfect style for beginner nail artists.

2. Snakeskin

Snakeskin is a great pattern for clients who want to rock animal nail art with a little edge. It works especially well when mixed in with elements like coordinated solid-color nails, as it can get overwhelming when applied to every nail. For best results, try sponging color over lace netting for an easy snakeskin stencil, or apply glossy scales over a matte nail for a trendsetting textured look. You’ll leave your client looking fabuloussssssssss.

3. Sunrise and Sunset

It only takes a scroll through your social media feed to see that people around the world are awed by beautiful skies. Sunrise and sunset color palettes are perfect choices for ombre nails, but they can also be applied for more graphic designs as well.

Choose from any combination of reds, pinks, oranges, yellows and purples, and overlap them slightly to create a foggy dusk or a brightening dawn, using the lunula as a stand-in for the sun. Distinguishing between sunrise and sunset can be tough, but a good rule of thumb is to go with brighter and warmer colors for a sunrise palette and darker, richer colors for sunset.

4. Flora

From country meadows to deep jungles, flowers and plants are the perfect art inspiration, as they offer unique color combinations and bold designs. Floral nail art can be delicate like a tiny daisy bloom or mold-busting like bright sunflowers. Paint a banana leaf pattern for a fun summer design, or use poinsettia colors and accents for a holiday look. Use floral inspiration to connect with clients by finding out if any particular flowers or plants hold special meaning to them and creating a one-of-a-kind nail art bouquet.

5. Gemstones

With their deep, sparkling colors and mind-boggling geometric interiors, natural stones like turquoise, labradorite and jade are incredibly inspiring sources for nail design. Marble and rose quartz nails, in particular, have been massively popular for their subtle-yet-stylized finish. It’s an affordable alternative to actually owning the real thing, and you can switch up the aura you’re channeling every two weeks with a new gel nail polish manicure.

From dazzling minerals to layered animal prints to stunning skyscapes, the natural world provides ample inspiration for art and beauty. So whether you’re applying a neutral earthly look or a bright, bold take on a classic animal print, you can create amazing nature-inspired nail art that leaves your clients in awe. All you have to do is look around you.