Following runway nail art is a great way to keep your client’s nails on trend. The runway showcases the season ahead; in the spring, fashions for fall/winter strut the catwalk with nails to complement each style. These nail looks are a preview of the colors and textures for the next season.

And no one does the runway quite like Libertine, a fashion-forward trendsetter with an eye for detail and a love of bold looks. As Libertine’s Los Angeles show in May quickly approaches, we’re reviewing the looks that put Libertine on the map.

Runway nail art for Libertine by CND fall/winter 2018

Photo source: Jennifer Graylock

Libertine Past

The 2018 Libertine show for fall/winter featured nails that were “maximalist” enough to suit Libertine designer Johnson Hartig’s designs. The clothing was a visual feast of sequins and embroidery. And the nails, embellished with fringe, flowers and textures, were noteworthy in their own right.

Though a 3D flower made from ethernet cable (spotlighted in Vogue) might not exactly work for everyday wear, it can still inspire some bold manicures. One way to translate this look into wearable nail art is to use a stamping plate to stamp flowers using three different colors, layering one on top of the other by slightly turning the stamp so they overlap instead of overlay. The result is a runway-worthy look that is sure to make a statement.

Libertine Show

Photo source: Jennifer Graylock

Libertine Present

Libertine designs in spring/summer 2019 walked the runway last fall and were inspired by Georgian fine jewelry and fine needlepoint embroidery. To complement the clothing styles, the nails drew inspiration from petit point embroidery and vintage jewelry. The nails evoked love tokens and the beauty of days past. To similarly elicit Victorian romance in a salon-friendly way, paint a simple silhouette cameo nail using some transfer foil around the edges as a frame.

You could also try the refined rose print nail look. To create the perfect client-friendly version, add a matte top coat to a pastel polish or a gel polish to delicately soften the color for a lovely antique effect.

Libertine Show

Photo source: Jennifer Graylock

Libertine Future

Anticipating the styles Johnson Hartig will send down the runway in L.A. on May 2 is a fun way to begin predicting trends for your own salon. How can you turn your nail art into a standout accessory that every client wants? Gathering images from the show, you can collate a mood board and establish yourself as the local runway nail art expert.

With such vibrant, bold looks in his repertoire, who knows what Libertine will do this year. Be sure to observe his over-the-top looks and consider how you can translate them into wearable styles for your clients.

Runway nail art may seem as extreme as the clothing. But just as the clothing ultimately influences the entire fashion industry, so can the nails. How you adapt these looks is up to you!