With blooms of soft, vibrant colors and awakening textures and scents of local flora, spring reminds us of renewed life. Pastel nail polish is one way to pay homage to the emergence of spring and its beauty. Using pastel colors is also a creative way for clients to highlight their personal style, giving them the confidence to experiment with shades that best complement their skin tone.

Here are five pastel looks to bring out the best in your clients this spring.

Peep the Pink

Pink Pastel Nail Polish

Photo source: @traceyleenails

Pastel colors look great on all nails of all lengths, and they bring a burst of spring even when applied without embellishment. Perfectly manicured nails make the best foundation for a smooth, flawless pastel application. And when a client’s nail plates are stained, apply a layer of soft white before painting the pastel to help correct any discoloration.

To recreate this look, apply three layers of a pinkish pastel and finish with a topcoat. Try using a matte topcoat to reflect the natural beauty of flower petals.

Solidly Spring

Spring Pastel Nail Polish

Photo source: @village_spa

While nail length might not matter for pastel polish, matching skin tone does. Finding the perfect pastel for your client relies on your knowledge of color theory. A warm yellow with a slightly orange base perfectly complements a warmer skin tone, while a blue- or white-based yellow will look fabulous on a cool skin tone.

For more muted pastels, a light pink with a gentle orange undertone matches a cooler skin tone perfectly. This simple look screams spring and will help your clients feel ready for flip-flops.

Beautiful Blossoms

Blossoms Pastel Nail Polish

Photo source: @nails_bycristy

This spring, get inspired by the blossoming flowers around you. Try getting creative by hand-painting a floral design on a pastel purple base coat. If your schedule is too tight or hand-painting is not your forte, then stamping flowers is a simple way to go, allowing you to achieve detail without sacrificing time. Either way, there’s nothing more spring than a pastel bouquet.

Edgy and Abstract

Edgy and Abstract

Photo source: @ka_yee_or

Flowers may be the traditional trend of the season, but there are plenty of other ways to get in the spring spirit. Paint stripes or abstract art to give your client an unforgettable manicure. Start with a neutral or pastel pink base coat, and then hand-paint stripes in a standout color like gold or silver to create a surprisingly gorgeous color combination. When drawing stripes or lines, experiment with different lengths of striping brush and apply differing amounts of pressure to vary the thickness and precision of your abstract spring creation.

Block It Out

Blocked Pastel Nail Polish

Photo source: @carlenehiggins

From spring dresses to swimsuits to manicures, color blocking continues to be a hot trend. Combine different shades of pastel with a solid metallic like silver or create dramatic flair by using black or white. Get creative with your designs: Go for nails that are half one color and half another, design rectangular blocks of color down the center of the nail or draw blocks in different sizes and shapes throughout the set. Painting a thin block of color down the center will create an elongating, slimming effect.

From finding the perfect pastel for your client to rocking the spring trend on your own nails, experimenting with pastel nail polish is a great way to embrace the season. Celebrate it with your personal flair to help your clients bloom this spring.