Your client’s big day is approaching fast, and the wedding timeline calls for a bridal manicure one to two days before the event. While hair and makeup trials always top every to-do list, the manicure can easily be overlooked among all so many time-consuming wedding-day details. Family and friends will be snapping lots of photos of your client’s ring, so as a nail professional, it’s important to give them a manicure that fits the bling.

There’s more to providing a perfect wedding manicure than choosing which nail polish in which color and style would best complement your client’s attire. This is a particular instance where you’ll want to try and ease the tension of the bride; help her take her mind off some stress she may be going through with a fun wedding anecdote or two you have in your back pocket.

Here are five bridal manicure trends to get your customer’s tips ready for their big day.

1. Feel the Love

Calligraphy-styled nails are perfect for the bride who likes to keep things simple. Start with an opaque but soft polish shade and choose an accent nail on which to write the words “I do” or “love” in a beautiful font. To keep your writng clean, allow the polish to fully dry before using a black fine point permanent marker to write or draw on the nail. You’ll create a simple and elegant look that won’t take any attention away from the ring.

2. Glitter and Glam

A hint of glitz can easily take your customer’s sheer pink manicure to the next level, giving them the dazzle they deserve. Simply apply a touch of glitter to the tips of the nails to add sparkle and to bring out the bling in any ring. Letting the right gel polish dry just enough that it becomes tacky creates the perfect base to which glitter can adhere. And a strong top coat to finish allows the bride to keep the style well into her honeymoon. It’s the perfect complement to your client’s wedding-day accessories.

Metallic tips are for the bride who loves all things shiny and chic, but who also wants to be a little edgy on her wedding day.

3. The Half Moon Look

For a twist on the traditional French manicure, add an inverted half moon to the lunula of the nail instead of (or in addition to) the nail tip. This is an inspired take on a classic look that is sure to suit the bride who appreciates retro 1940s glam.

4. Go Nude

When creating the perfect wedding look, you can never go wrong with a nude nail color. Natural hues flatter any hand without distracting guests from the dress or the ring. Since sheer nudes are not one-shade-fits-all, be sure to find the best shade to match or complement your client’s skin tone.

5. Metallic French

Metallic manicures — the new neutral — have appeared everywhere from Pinterest wedding boards to the cover of bridal magazines. Metallic tips are for the bride who loves all things shiny and chic, but who also wants to be a little edgy on her wedding day. Be sure to keep the nails short so the accent isn’t too flashy.

Wedding planning involves so many details that it’s easy to forget to complement the ring with an eye-catching nail design. From trendsetting to classic, these five designs have your client’s covered, no matter what look they’re going for on their big day.