Your clients likely have some summer vacation plans, whether they’re taking a road trip with friends to a new city, hitting the beach with the fam or simply enjoying the warm summer night sky in their own backyards.

No matter how your clients are celebrating summer, there’s a manicure to complement the occasion. Here are four summer vacation nail art ideas for those ready to make the most of the summer months.

Siren Song

Vacation Nail Art - Mermaid

Photo source: @tamaradilullo

No beach trip is complete without a little mermaid shine. To create this under-the-sea-inspired masterpiece, layer opaque metallic shades, allowing the colors to blend together on the nail before curing. Give the look some depth with a pearl topcoat.

Under the Stars

Vacation Nail Art - Space

Photo source: @nailitmag

Sometimes, the simple things are the most extraordinary. Inspired by a romantic night under the stars, this galaxy manicure will have your client over the moon. Kick-start the look by applying two coats of black nail polish. Then, use a glitter topcoat to add a night sky shimmer and adhere a few gems to reflect glimmering starlight.

Road Trippin’

Vacation Nail Art - Road tripping

There’s nothing more freeing than hopping in the car with a few of your friends and taking a road trip. As you cruise along, you’ll visit attractions, munch on snacks, sing along to your favorite tunes and admire the beauty of the countryside through the flowers you pass by. To recreate those memories for your clients, hand-paint your favorite wild flowers onto a soft pink base coat. Then, finish with a shiny topcoat inspired by the radiant roadside sun.

Tropical Vibes

Vacation Nail Art - Tropical Vibes

Photo source: @hcs_nails

Create a tropical look fit for an exotic getaway by combining a few bold shades. Begin with a neutral base coat, then hand-paint some bright tropical colors inspired by the ocean-side flora. For a refined look, use some striping tape to achieve clean, straight lines.

There are endless ways to enjoy summer, from seeing the country by car or kicking it under the stars. With one of these vacation nail art ideas, you can help your clients revel in the sunshine this season.