Today’s weddings are more personalized than ever before. Between custom cakes and individualized outfits, every aspect of modern weddings has a personal touch — including the wedding party’s nails. Many soon-to-be-newlyweds will be reinventing the traditional and adding a bit of flair to their manicures this season.

With one of these bridal manicure ideas, you can help your clients create a wedding to remember, with nail art that helps set the party mood.

Mani/Pedi Throwback

Bridal Manicures

Photo source: @madamebeaute_officiel

The most common and classic bridal nail look is the French manicure. With clean lines and neutral colors, it’s a simple look that coordinates with any color scheme. To give this classic a modern upgrade, encourage your clients to add a matching pedicure.

When applying a French manicure, pay particular attention to the white tips. A thick white line will make the nails look wider, while a thinner line will elongate the nails. Assess the size, length and shape of the toes to determine the right width of the tip. Longer nails need more of a smile or curve, while shorter nails pull off a slight smile nicely. And always say “I do” to a glossy topcoat to seal the look.

Lovely Lace

Bridal Manicures - Lace
Photo source: @heatherreynosa

To give a nod to Grandma’s style while maintaining your client’s own uniqueness, channel patterns of beautiful antique lace. Achieve this intricate, delicate detail by using a nail stamping process, using the nail enhancement as the base. If your client is rocking natural nails, opt for a soft, shimmering sheer or neutral gel polish color. With the base color in place, use a white or silver polish or gel polish to give a crisp stamp. Or use a powder stamp with holographic and pearl pigments to create a soft visual texture.

Classic With an Edge

Bridal Manicures - Edgy
Photo source: @glitter4_breakfast

Some brides are ready to rock bright, bold nails, but others prefer a simple yet edgy accent. For those looking to break from tradition, adorn a nude nail with dark accent flowers.

Apply a nude gel polish or an opaque nude enhancement to the nail. Once you’ve removed any top film or dust from the nails, stamp or hand-paint a design using a gel polish in a rich, dark color. Before curing the gel polish, sprinkle or sugar a clear sculpting powder onto the nail. Allow the gel polish to absorb the powder for five to 10 seconds, tap off the excess and repeat this process one more time. Once you cure the powder-infused gel polish and remove the top film with 99% isopropyl alcohol, your client will have velvety nails that last all night.

Bridal Bling

Bridal Manicures - Bling

Photo source: @alfa.romero24

Sometimes a wedding party just wants to go all out. For those looking for full bling, apply Swarovski Crystalpixies to one or more nails. These crystals add shine, while transfer foil brings a metallic edge and Swarovski pearls complement a classic look. For the best results, place embellishments in a hard gel while curing. Your clients will be sparkling on their big day.

Bold and Beautiful

Bridal Manicures - Bold

Photo source: @igofernando_

Bold nails make a statement up close and from afar. To help your client achieve the perfect standout bridal look this season, choose a bold color and enhance the nails with embellishments like gems, pearls or diamonds. Seal the nails with a matte topcoat to create a truly royal manicure.

Feeling amazing on your wedding day from head to toe should be a given. As a nail professional, you have the opportunity to enrich your client’s wedding experience with nails that everyone at the wedding will remember for years to come. Give your client the best wedding gift ever with one of these bridal manicure ideas.