Every nail professional has regular clients who return week after week asking for the same classic manicure at each visit. Their standing appointments and basic services become so routine that it throws you for a loop when they ask for a glitzy upgrade for prom or an upcoming wedding.

When this kind of situation happens, it’s time to break out your best tools and create some luxurious, sparkly nail art — the stand-out accessory to any glamorous look.

Here’s a roundup of four ways to create glitzy, glitter nail art perfect for prom night or a wedding weekend.

1. Use a Wedge Sponge

Glitter Tips

Photo source: @ka_yee_or

Your average glitter nail polish contains loose glitter that could require multiple coats. To get that Pinterest-worthy glittered manicure, swap your traditional brush for a wedge sponge. After applying your base coat, polish the glitter onto your sponge, and press the sponge on the nails for sparkly French tips, color blocks or abstract designs. The glitter will stick to the nail without leaving globs of polish.

2. Use a Glitter Topcoat

Glitter Topcoat

Photo source: @cndworld

For the client who desires only a hint of shimmer, opt for a glitter topcoat. Achieving this look is simple: Start by polishing the nails with two coats of the client’s desired shade, and finish with a couple layers of topcoat to give the nails a subtle, glitzy finish.

3. Sugar With Loose Glitter

Sugaring Glitter Polish

Photo source: @hairbyasla

Sugaring is a technique that involves applying loose glitter to uncured gel polish to create a long-wear sparkly look. Start by applying a base coat and curing. Apply the first coat of the client’s desired shade and cure. After you apply the second coat but before it cures, sprinkle glitter onto the nail, covering as much surface area as you’d like, and finish by curing. Skip the topcoat for a sugar-like finish and texture.

4. Mix Textures

Textured glitter nails

Photo source: @christinasahlberg

There are so many types of nail polish — gel, matte, shiny, lacquer and more — that it can sometimes be hard to decide which one to apply. Consider showcasing multiple, complementary types of polish, using a bold glittery accent nail to create one cohesive and unique look. Your clients will be blown away.

Sparkly glitter nail art is essential to any fabulous look. With these essential tips in your back pocket, you can create memorable, glamorous looks for your clients, whether they’ll be ringing wedding bells or dancing the night away at prom.