Spring break is every salon’s revival from slow business and sales following the holiday season. Young adults and families from all over the country will be ditching the everyday and getting ready for some rest and relaxation — or partying.

Either way, plenty of vacationers will be visiting your salon seeking the perfect manicure for their getaway. Here are three essential salon management tips for making the most of the spring break rush.

1. Don’t Get Caught Understaffed

The key to beating any business rush is staffing. As spring break approaches, ensure that you have enough staff on hand to service clients. Being understaffed means longer wait times, higher turnover rates and stressed employees and clients. Before extending business hours or accepting more clients, make sure that you have plenty of staff on hand to handle the rush. Additionally, adjust your staff schedule to capitalize on the busy times of day. Having employees at the ready means having happy clients.

2. Pay Attention to Your Schedule

Though the goal is to take advantage of the sales increase during the spring break rush, you also want to make sure that your booking system is properly set up to schedule clients and not overbook. Some salons gladly overbook in anticipation of canceled appointments, but depending on your sales history, that may prove fatal. Place clients who are interested in booking an appointment when the schedule is full on a standby list. This gives the customer the opportunity to fill a space from a canceled appointment but also takes pressure off of you and your staff.

3. Stock Up Early

Now is the time to order any supplies that you may be short on. Check your current inventory for the following:

  • Expired materials
  • Materials in small quantities that need to be replenished
  • Damaged materials

Ditch the old stuff and stock up on the new. Contact your supplier and put in your order early. If you’re short on time, ask for expedited shipping to ensure that you receive essential materials promptly. No one likes an empty bottle of nail polish.

Not every region sees a huge increase in sales during spring break, but it never hurts to be prepared. Review the numbers from the previous years and plan accordingly by having enough staff on hand, spacing out appointments to avoid burnout and staying fully stocked on supplies. Following these salon management tips will help your operations stay smooth and profitable during spring break — then it’ll be your turn for a vacation.