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Get inspired and learn new techniques with these high-impact videos featuring the top technicians in the industry!

CND Retention+ Powders

Application techniques using CND's Retention+ Liquid & Powder system.
Length: 8 min. 57 sec.

Enhancement Smile Lines

Smile line placement is vital to the overall design and illusion of the enhanced nail. Learn how to get it right on every nail, every time.
Length: 6 min. 06 sec.

Brisa Swirl

Bold style and design techniques using Brisa Gels.
Length: 7 min. 01 sec.

Brisa Lite Smoothing Gel

Brisa Lite Smoothing Gel Step by Steps
Length: 10 min. 26 sec.

Brisa Lite Sculpting Gel

Brisa Lite Sculpting Gel Step by Steps
Length: 19 min. 26 sec.

Additives-No Limits Nail Artistry

Learn about our latest innovation - CND Additives! Blend pigments & effects to any Sculpting Powder, Gel or CND Shellac to create fashion forward nail styles.
Length: 16 min. 18 sec.

CND Shellac French Manicure

Shellac application and removal steps for a French Manicure.
Length: 5 min. 13 sec.

A Perfect CND Shellac Pedicure

Basic application and removal steps for a Shellac pedicure.
Length: 7 min. 36 sec.

CND Shellac Layering

Get creative and layer Shellac to create custom color combinations.
Length: 6 min. 0 sec.

CND Shellac Nail Art

Get inspired to create fun and unique nail art designs.
Length: 8 min. 40 sec.

CND Shellac Twinkle Toes

Fun and inspiring designs to dress up Shellac pedicures.
Length: 11 min. 58 sec.

Vinylux Polish System

VINYLUX Weekly Polish Step-By-Step
Length: 8 min. 44 sec.

Finishing Enhancement Techniques from CND

Finishing Enhancement Techniques from CND
Length: 10 min. 28 sec.

Custom-Blended Liquid & Powder Enhancements

Custom-Blended Liquid & Powder Enhancements
Length: 7 min. 43 sec.

Brisa Lite Removal (English)

Learn why Brisa Lite it the first truly removable gel system.
Length: 8 min. 28 sec.

Brisa Lite Removal (Vietnamese)

Learn why Brisa Lite it the first truly removable gel system.
Length: 10 min. 39 sec.

Marine SpaPedicure

A service designed to refresh and revitalize – like a brisk barefoot walk in the surf. Feet reborn. Spirit satisfied.
Length: 19 min. 20 sec.

Handy Healthy Nail Care Tips 

Follow CND's 3 'C's (Care, Condition, Coat) for healthy, strong, resilient and beautiful hands.
Length: 6 min. 10 sec.

A Perfect Shellac Manicure 

Basic Shellac application and removal steps using a solid opaque color.
Length: 5 min. 47 sec.

Brisa Forever French 

Tips and techniques to create the classic Forever French Brisa Enhancement.
Length: 6 min. 0
6 sec.

Retention+ Forever French 

An extreme approach to a Forever French Enhancement.
Length: 7 min. 06 sec.

Retention+ Checkerboard Design 

A dramatic checkerboard design that's perfect for your avant-garde clients.
Length: 8 min. 47 sec.

CND UV Lamp Set-Up 

Everything you need to know about setting-up and using the CND UV Lamp.
Length: 4 min. 49 sec.

Enhancements Finishing 

Finishing is the final step in the service that guarantees a truly customized service. Learn the systematic approach to finishing that will refine every nail to its ultimate best.
Length: 10 min. 12 sec.

Almond SpaManicure System 

Re-ignite your manicure business with this soothing menu offering. Designed to comfort and indulge clients time after time.
Length: 12 min. 25 sec.

Proper P.R.E.P. consists of methodical steps to begin EVERY enhancement service for greater adhesion and reduced lifting between appointments.
Length: 10 min. 06 sec.

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