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Susan Nam
Nail Professional
Owner, Polished Beauty Bar, New York

Q - What inspired you to become a Nail Professional?
A - I started doing nails while in school. It was such a fun job, I was making good money and it came so natural to me.

Q - What are you most proud of in your nail professional career?
A - I'm most proud when a client walks out of the salon happy.

Q - How has CND Shellac changed your business?
A - CND Shellac has enhanced the beauty industry and the lives of everyone who uses it from the clients to the Nail Professionals.

Q - How has CND Shellac changed your clients' lives?
A - My clients now have more freedom. It allows them to enjoy color and for a longer period of time without worry. And there's no dry time, who doesn't love that!

Q - Share your best CND Shellac tip with us!
A - When applying shellac on your clients always start with the tips of the nail. This way you are guaranteed a complete seal without clumps.

Q - What is your favorite CND Shellac layering combination?
A - Silver VIP Status layered over Studio White.

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