Lydia Arce
Owner, Beauty Box Salon & Natural Nail Spa, Los Angeles

Q - What inspired you to become a nail professional?
A - As a hairstylist I wanted to be able to expand my clientele and offer our hair clients the convenience of receiving both hair & nail services at the same time under one roof.

Q - What are you most proud of in your nail professional career?
A - I am very proud that I have been able to expand our hair salon into a nail spa as well.

Q - How has CND Shellac changed your business?
A - Dramatically! We've doubled our clientele and our service tickets. When our clients leave our salon they are leaving with a polished look from head to toe. Literally!

Q - How has CND Shellac changed your clients' lives?
A - Our clients now have the convenience of having to visit one salon for their nail and hair needs. You can come in and get your roots re-touched and your nails CND Shellacked all in the same chair.

Q - Share your best CND Shellac tip with us!
A - My most important CND Shellac tips are to eliminate surface contamination very well with ScrubFresh, shake your bottles before using, cap the tips of the nails and you'll have no chips!

Q - What is your favorite CND Shellac layering combination?
A - Negligee layered over Rubble.

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