Gloria Williams
Celebrity Pedicurist
Owner,, Chicago

Q - What inspired you to become a nail professional?
A - Many years ago, I was a Corporate Secretary; my boss would go to lunch and get her nails manicured. She was always so happy after her manicure! So, I went to Nail School and began a career in Nail Technology. I realized I had more fun and could make more money than my corporate job, so I quit my job and never looked back.

Q - What are you most proud of in your nail professional career?
A - I am proud of the fact that I continue to meet and teach new clients about proper nail care. I am also proud to know that Nail Technology is still a wonderful career path for an individual.

Q - How has CND Shellac changed your business?
A - CND Shellac has made my pedicure business increase in the winter, because the client does not have to wait anymore for her toenails to dry. Thank you, CND Shellac!

Q - How has CND Shellac changed your clients' lives?
A - My clients love the fact their manicure last for 2 weeks with no interruption!

Q - Share your best CND Shellac tip with us!
A - I always keep enough of the removal wraps on hand. The removal wraps insure that my clients' nails remain healthy. Acetone is controlled at a very balanced level and the nail bed is not oversaturated.

Q - What is your favorite CND Shellac layering combination?
A - Silver VIP Status layered over Gotcha.

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