Rachel Antonoff Spring 2013 Runway Show – Garden Party Nails


Picture this: The sun is shining on NYC, the gardens are bright green from the recent rain, revelers arrive to ‘Rachel Antanoff’s garden’, a magical oasis complete with a decadent tea party set in Versailles, clearly taking place in a different era.

Where are we?

No text messages, no hurried e-mails, just earthy delights, including a badminton game with perfectly dressed debutantes sporting gamely reds, whites and blues and accessorized with tinted visors, matching ‘oxford’ jellies and clear nail tips with hand written muses inscribed onto crisp white nail beds.

As we weave our way through the tall green hedge we are met with polite and busied beauties carving hearts into trees and lazy afternoon dreamers looking up to the sky. They are dressed crisply in prints dreamed up from an aerial view above the gardens of Versailles. ¬†Amazingly, the nails match and are geographically correct as the prints we see (how’d they do that?).The tour ends in the shadows of dusk, with black and white prints, and matching moon-surface nails.

Fantasy complete.

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