Christian Siriano Spring 2013 Runway Show – Grapefruit Sparkle Nails

Christian Siriano header

I think we all love the show ‘Project Runway’ and the highlight to date of the series was when Christian Siriano took the prize. He continues the winning spirit with this season’s fashions. First, the front of house crew included the who’s-who-of-cool!  Young, hip and uber stylish; all there to be inspired by the Degas-ballerina, midsummer-night’s-dream-theme on the runway.

Hair was swept up high on top of the head, cheeks were flush with shine and nails were light and frothy in layers of ‘Grapefruit Sparkle.’  It was sophisticated beauty for a collection of gorgeous dresses in gelato satin, tamed with weightless layers of gray tulle. Was I really there? Or did I dream it?

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