DESIGNER – Norman Ambrose


Diana Vreeland with the long red lacquered nails, exotic mystique, High glamour, 1960’s traveler
St. Tropes 60 &70’s Chic, smart, professional, refined, rich, it’s the smart competent directional woman.
“The lady that swims in her diamonds”


Black, persimmon, salmon, beige, pink, silver, gold, copper.
All metallics, black, gold, silvers, copper, blush, peach, coral.


22 million dollars of jewels on models.


Nails: Longer, almond shaped, loved Behnaz, thin stripes in coral and reds

Toes: Copper or Gold Chrome w/ a wash (our idea) only some models
Red Coral = 521 + 522 + 523 layer and acetone wash create texture to match brocade
Blush Desert Suede with Ice blue shimmer iced sidewalls and extension edge
Red with Gold thin French
Gold or Silver deconstructed with black tips
Ivory with Coral Iced sidewalls and extension edge
Gold deconstructed with black elongated almost triangular moon
Gold Taupe sponged with pearl pigment effect

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