Wayne – Black Swan Graffiti

The designer:
Wayne Lee’s vision of futuristic fashion was honed during her years as a buyer for popular fashion haunt Barneys NY.

The collection:
The ‘Bird of Prey’ theme set the stage for the mostly black and white collection with periodic blocks in vibrant royal blue. Feminine draping and body flattering shapes on top…masculine structure and strength below the waist.

The nail trend:
‘Organitech.’ ‘Black swan’ graffiti manicures were created using and base of Brilliant White with feathered and furious strokes of feathered graffiti with Blackjack on the tip of each nail to go with fierce, whited-out eyebrows and pecked-at nested hair.

Get the look:
Tailor nails in a strong, yet sleek square-shaped tip…white-out and graffiti the edge in black.




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