Diego Binetti – Rasberry Parfait

I wake up today…HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY! Two of my all time favorite people: Karen and Diego! Can life be better?

The designer:
Innovative, thought-provoking designs and elegance with hand-crafted, artistic detailing for a modern couture style.

The Collection:
The set was a beautiful fantastical secret garden with models like living fairies in pin-tucked gowns and layers of silk chiffon and intricate beading. Any girl who wants to feel beautiful would lust for these dresses and gowns. A dream come true!

The nail trend:
‘New Rock N’ Roll’. Nails were dye stained in Raspberry Parfait against a clean Frosting Cream white background, then capped in gold and silver metal for an artisanal finish….or as Diego said, “for a little ghetto edge!” Toes were polished in Raspberry Parfait. Makeup embraced “mask as part of the model,” and hair was crimped and elaborately wrapped for a nighttime beauty look to remember.

Get the look:
Formation Tips shaped in a soft square with layers of sponged Colour and chrome dipped tips.

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