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Over the past six seasons that I have been reporting on Fashion Week nails, there is always one brand that stands out above the rest and that is, of course, CND.

Season after season the uber-creative team of Education Ambassadors working under Jan Arnold’s brilliant direction continue to create what I consider “aspirational nails.” As a DIYer I always come away from Fashion Week with new nail ideas thanks to CND. Whether it’s a custom blend, a unique way to layer Colour & Effects or an innovative technique, I have something interesting to bring home to my readers and this season is no exception.

For Spring 2012 I am loving the ombre nails that Wanda Ruiz created for Jen Kao, the clear lucite styles that demanded attention at Joy Cioci, Alexander Herchcovitch and Joanna Mastroianni and the glam rock checkered tips at Nicole Miller. And I can’t wait to replicate the new twist on nude that Candice Mannachio created at Kevork Kiledjian using Desert Suede, Jade Sparkle Effect and Washed Down White. I tell everyone and their mother to get involved with Colour & Effects and this is a perfect example of why. The way Washed Down White neutralizes the green in Jade Sparkle, allowing the delicate, flaky micas to stand out, makes the final look so much more than an everyday neutral.

Speaking of Joy Cioci, I was granted the experience of a lifetime when I strapped on a tool belt to assist the team working backstage. Learning how to properly apply and shape tips, crouching on the floor, chatting up the models (who were REALLY sweet) and being able to see the whole process of getting the models ready for the presentation was amazing. Being in the middle of such organized chaos and watching the calm in which the CND team goes to work only served to amplify the respect and awe I have for the amazing work they do.

Michelle Mismas
Founder, All Lacquered Up – The first nail focused beauty blog

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  1. Kathleen says:

    Can’t wait to try the neutral layering with Washed Down White!

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